Corporate Team Building

Let Hands On Healthy help your employees feel empowered, strong and vibrant—and have fun! We are the perfect team-building, morale booster for your corporate environment.
Working 9–5, running a household and managing stress leaves little time for thinking about what YOU need to keep you healthy and energized throughout the day. Reaching for coffee midday? 3 p.m. slump sound familiar? There are little tips and tricks for more vibrant energy to fueling your body all day long. I’ll teach you how!
Learn how to cook healthy, nutritious meals in a timely matter that is easy to bring to work.

We will work together as a team to prepare a delicious meal
Help build new relationship with food and nutrition
Remap your brain to so you can tackle the day with new energy sources
In 2 hours, Hands On Healthy will lead your team with hands-on cooking. Exciting NEW recipes will be shared with the latest ingredients. Nutrition Q&A is encouraged.  Through constant interaction, your employees will be engaged and enlightened as they learn what foods properly provide the nutrients they need—and how to more easily prep meals. It’s teamwork in action with a focus on YOU!
Classes include:

  • All food—one dish prepared by the group and 3 side dishes prepared by Hands On Healthy
  • A delicious dessert that is healthy and easy to make
  • Smoothie demonstration
  • All cooking supplies, set-up and clean-up
  • Recipe folder for each employee
  • Healthy Snack Bag for each employee

The base price for up to 16 people is $1400. Each additional person is $75.