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Lean and Strong

A Fitness & Nutrition Program for Women Who Want RESULTS!


If you missed out on our 4 week Thrive Women program we got you covered!


Just in time for summer, who doesn't want to start feeling and looking their best?  In one week you will experience REAL RESULTS!


Our Lean and Strong Program is designed to give you all the tools to reach your health goals.


Here's what you will get:


  • We kick off on Monday May 6th at 8pm eastern for a 1 hour live zoom session.  Fitness Expert, Shannon, and Nutrition Coach, Sara, will discuss exactly what women need to eat, and how to exercise for optimal health.  If you miss the zoom you can watch the replay at your convenience. 

  • Personal Coaching: This is not a one size fits all program.  You get a 45-minute nutrition session with Sara and a 45 minute fitness session with Shannon, tailored to kickstart your progress. PLUS a 30 minute check-in with your coaches to follow up with any questions.

  • Nutritional Navigation: Receive a 7 day guide with food shopping list, suggested recipes for each meal, and daily habits to create a lifestyle that works for you and is sustainable.

  • Lifestyle Enhancement: Gain valuable tips for eating out without derailing your goals.

  • Workout Routines: Access your Lean and Strong workout videos on our private YouTube channel.  Learn how to optimize your workout time with effective exercises focusing on strength, toning and mobility.

  • Support and Motivation: Benefit from daily emails, accountability check-ins, and an accountability tracker to monitor your journey.


Lean and Strong

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