Like most women, I've spent the better part of life bouncing from one fad diet to another. That all ended when I met Sara Siskind. She literally changed my relationship to food. I learned the value in eating real food and how to incorporate healthier ingredients into meal times. Sara made cooking easy with her “toss it in” approach, and even my three picky kids love her recipes! Today I have more energy, my crazy sugar cravings are gone, and I am leaner in my (almost) 40's than I was as a teen. Thank you Sara and Hands On Healthy!
 —Greta Fox, Vice President of Public Relations, L’Oreal
Sara has enriched my mind, body and soul she changed my life forever. Her methods and teachings of healthy living is one that realistic, achievable and should be lived and practiced by all. Working with Sara has been the most rewarded and life fulfilling experience that I have done for myself. 
Jane Abrahams,  President of Jane’s Addiction Organization
We cannot possibly say enough good things about working with Sara toward better health for our whole family. 

We didn't need another diet; we need a lifestyle change. Sara empowered me with information, and motivated all three of us to make sweeping alterations to how we were living. It's now been more than two months since I have eaten any processed junk; two months of eating clean, whole foods that make me feel good and have made a clear difference in how I look. We actually went to a wedding where an old friend pulled me aside to ask me if I had "something done." It was an amazing feeling. 

What makes Sara different is her hands on approach—appointments aren't for weighing in and measuring our inches, instead we spend them working together on strategies to continue our successes. Sara has taught me recipes by making them with me; helped me pick out better choices at the grocery store by accompanying me on a shopping trip; and constantly keeps in contact via email and text. Her attitude is calming, encouraging and no nonsense. She helped my husband to better manage his days to fit exercise into his crazy work schedule. She has spent time with my son—a chronic picky eater for all 6 years of his life—and convinced him to try a few new foods. As a result, he is off almost all processed and high sugar junk foods as well (I say almost because hey, he's 6). He loves when Sara comes over because she talks to him like a grown up, and therefore he really takes her suggestions seriously. 

I have recommend Sara to my friends, my colleagues, and my family, and it is my pleasure to recommend her, without hesitation, to you.
—Rebecca, Sal, and Charlie Alesia
Sara’s presentation was really well done. The content is simple, easy to understand, practical and liberating. The best thing about what she puts out is that it is obvious to all that she is really centered and honest and that she practices what she preaches. That message is powerful and validating. Period. 

I wouldn't change anything - except the World—and you can do that one small group at a time. Namaste.
I had a nice thanksgiving and continued to make healthy choices. I am losing weight. Today I am wearing pants and a shirt that I could not wear before. I do realize I need to keep it simple. I found healthy frozen meals at Trader Joe's. The meals are 300-400 calories each.
—La Shemah Williams