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21 Days to a healthier, happier YOU!

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It might take 21-days to form a new habit but with my 21-day program, past participants saw results in WEEK 1!


Yes, that's right! A 21-Day program where you begin to see results in the first week!


You heard that correctly! 


We jump right in with a cleanse during week 1 to get your body primed for 21 days of Optimal Health.


During the cleanse, you'll start to feel less bloated, feel more sustained energy, see the weight coming off, and you'll experience lower inflammation.


It's amazing!


Losing weight and feeling your best takes effort and time. 

I get it.


That’s why I have designed this program that will make it super easy for you to see results in less time.


Here are four proven ways we use to do this:

#1: Knowing what to buy is stressful and takes time.

That’s why I give you a Shopping List and Instacart Link for all the items you need during the program. And don’t worry, I won’t have you spending extra money on things you don’t need. I know that buying healthy can get pricey. In this program, I make it easy, affordable, and stress-free.


#2: Cooking healthy food is confusing, hard and you probably worry that nobody else in your household will want to eat it.

That’s why I’ll be giving you specific healthy, easy to make meals with as few ingredients as possible during the program. I even give you tips on how to make your meal go a long way. We’ll even cover how to implement systems in your life to make healthy cooking and eating last forever.


#3: Sticking to a plan will be hard after the program and during the upcoming holiday season.

Here’s the good news… when this program is over, you can sign up for my weekly coaching email or my other coaching packages so we continue on your new healthy journey and keep you on track during those difficult months. I even give you hacks on how to eat out, make the most of holiday parties, and prepare holiday treats your family will love. 

#4: Starting healthy habits on your own can be daunting.

That’s why I give you a community to tap into and go to for support, motivation and guidance. We are all here for each other throughout the program. Accountability is key! Plus, you get two coaching calls with me so we can dive deep into your personal goals and put you on the path that’s right for you. 

Just to recap, you'll get:

  • A Grocery Shopping List

  • An Instacart Link you can edit

  • Weekly meal plans

  • Food prep cheat-sheet

  • Easy to make meal recipes each week

  • Weekly check-in calls

  • 1on1 Coaching

  • Weekly tips to stay on track during the program

  • Tools to maintain your new health habits after the program

  • A 21-day journal 

When you follow my plan step by step, you will see and feel the results!

Are you ready to GET STARTED? 

Getting started begins with a commitment to yourself... to learn how to nourish your body with real, whole foods and to let go of processed, artificial, fake foods.


Getting started means finding time to make self-care a priority so you live the life you want - with energy to allow you to have the power to shine!


This program is designed to kick start a healthy relationship with food while supporting your health goals.


Whether you're looking to initiate weight loss, change your habits, reintroduce real food after a prepared food diet or just feel more energetic and in control, this program will work for you.


The Fastest Results You'll Ever Get!

This program is for YOU if....

You're ready to:

• Free yourself from diets once and for all

• Lose weight!
• Learn how to shop for food with a healthy lens

• Discover what foods to eat that work best for your body

• Develop healthy lifestyle habits
• Look better than ever from the inside out! 



Week 1 

•1-hour Zoom with all members to go over the program and get you prepared for the week ahead.

•Go over the NutriClean 7-day cleansing system (highly recommended supplement detox kit available for purchase at checkout).

•Go over the shopping list and menu. 

•Discuss the What to eat/Not to eat list.

Week 2 

•1-hour Zoom with all members to review new food choices, check-in, and provide support

• Emails with recipes, tips and tools to keep you eating clean, healthy unprocessed foods.

• How to add in complex carbs and discuss portions 

• Private 30-min check-in call 

Week 3 

•1-hour Zoom with all members to provide ongoing support and accountability.
• Sustainability tips - go
ing out to eat, what to order, living free of diets, alcohol consumption, holiday and special events.

• Private 30-min check-in call 


Healthy Food

Uplevel Your Success

Add in a supplement detox for Week 1:

NutraMetrix Nutriclean System


With the Nutra Metrix NutriClean 7-day system which is used in week one, we are incorporating a top-of-the-line colon and liver cleansing system using exceptional herbs and botanicals to detoxify, cleanse and purify the digestive tract and liver. You will be provided with a detailed eating plan consisting of whole foods. This is the week we work on curbing your appetite for sweet, salty, and fatty foods. 

$60 includes shipping - Add to your cart at checkout.

Not Included in the price of the program.

Feedback from Clients

"Sara's positive, flexible approach and encouragement helped me lose the unwanted weight. This program was everything I needed - from a shopping plan to recipes and healthy lifestyle habits that were easy to implement.

I'm so thankful I did it. I feel amazing!"

- Ilyssa S.

"Getting healthy is not as easy as it sounds - Sara helps you every step of the way! She is supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and always reachable. Her program is easy to follow- it’s not a diet- it’s about making better choices - the best part is...

I lost weight! Sara is the real deal."


- Annie F.

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