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Are you ready to THRIVE ON? 


Our January 2024 Thrive Women program has completed, however this is just the beginning! 


There is no finish line to living healthy and strong.  Backed by science and leading experts in nutrition and fitness for women over 40, our program works and is sustainable!


With that said, many of us need the extra support, AND there is nothing wrong with that!


Having a coach to help you stay motivated and accountable improves your success and makes the process fun with the support you need. 


Our 6-month THRIVE ON Accountability Program is just what you asked for.  A special program created for Thrive Women participants.  This exclusive program offers Fitness and Nutrition through one-on-one coaching to keep you on track. 


For $119 a month (for 6 months) this is whats included: 


  • For each month starting February through July 2024 you will get two personalized 40 minute sessions.  One nutritional session with Sara and one fitness session with Shannon.


  • Nutritional Navigation: Sara will share easy, nutritious recipes, work with you on meal prep ideas and strategies to stay focused on your health goals and nutritional needs.  Sessions will be customized and cover everything from lifestyle habits, sleep hygeine, stress management, meal planing, time management and more so you reach and maintained your ideal weight.


  • Together we will create a personalized meal plan that works for your lifestyle.  Whether you have travel plans to navigate or just everyday lifestyle choices, you will have the tools you need to make the right choices for yourself.


  • Fitness Personal Training Sessions:  Shannon will meet with you to discuss your current fitness questions & concerns and then update your workout program so you can continue to progress and get the results you want.  You can use all or part of this session to film a new workout on zoom so you can DIY the rest of the month.   


  • Both nutritional sessions and fitness sessions will offer Support and Motivation: Benefit from monthly nutrition and fitness tips through emails, and text check ins.


    We are offering this special rate to our THRIVE ON women at a savings of over 50% off our normal rates as a thank you for being a part of our first (of many) THRIVE Women programs.   



Thrive On Accountability Program

Price Options
Thrive On
6 month accountability program
$119.00every month for 6 months
  • Your Credit Card will be charged $119 each month for 6 months.  

    Cancellation Policy: Monthly subscription must be cancelled 14 days prior to the first of the month.

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